A history of surrealism, surreal art, and the artists involved in the surrealist art movement. A definitive history of the surrealist movement.

Name: Paul Klee
Year of Birth & Death: (1879 – 1940)
Biography: Klee was a painter, engraver, and writer. He was the founder of the Blue Rider group, and he was responsible for the birth of pictorial abstraction. He began publicly displaying his art in 1920, when he exhibited in Munich. He taught at the Bauhaus for ten years. He exhibited in America in 1924 and France in 1925, where he was supported by the Surrealists. He had a post at the Fine Arts Academy in Dusseldorf, but was dismissed by the Nazis. He exhibited in Britain for the first tie in 1934. His exhibition in Munich in 1937 resulted in the Nazis confiscating several of his paintings. He finished out his life in Berne, Switzrland, where he continued to paint and write. His engravings include “Actor II” (1904) and “Pessimistic Allegory of the Mountain” (1904). He painted such works at “Lomolarm” (1923), “Castle and Sun” (1928), and “In Copula” (1931). His writing consist of such pieces as “Creative Confession” (1920), “The Nature of Nature” (1923), and Pedagical Notebooks” (1925).

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